Become an Employer Partner

One of our goals at The CoolWorks Foundation is to identify and partner with employers who support our mission, introduce them to participants who are interested in becoming candidates for their open positions, and establish clear expectations and positive relationships that will result in long-term, productive outcomes.

Not every employer is right for a partnership with the CoolWorks Foundation. In order to provide environments where our participants will have the best opportunity to thrive, we are selective in screening and pursuing relationships with employers. In order to be a good match with our program, employers should at a minimum be able to provide the following:

  • Room and Board – In order to make a smooth transition from applying for a job to arrival at your location, participants need to have housing and meals provided on site. These accommodations can be a part of compensation (i.e. included in employment or deducted from pay), but they must be available.
  • Established Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policies – Many of our participants come from challenging social and economic backgrounds. We are dedictated to ensuring that their new seasonal home will be with employers who have demonstrated a commitment to providing a safe, non-hostile workplace with clear procedures on how to report instances of discrimination and harassment. 
  • Dedicated Company Liaison(s) – Whether it be an HR Manager, a Department Head, an Owner, or any other appropriate position, your company will need to identify a dedicated contact(s) that our participants, our staff, and our Program Partners will be able to periodically contact to communicate progress, issues, and any other needs that may arise.

There are other requirements for participation that are outlined on the Employer Application Form, but if any of the above items present an immediate barrier, your company may not be the best fit for our program.

If you are interested in being an Employer Partner with The CoolWorks Foundation and providing life-changing employment opportunities to our participants, please contact us at info@coolworks.org. We look forward to learning more about you!