The CoolWorks Foundation seeks to empower underrepresented groups to pursue and harness the potential life changing power of Jobs In Great Places. We believe that an opportunity to participate, contribute and benefit from a job and community rooted in our public lands and wilderness areas provides the chance for pivotal growth, and a springboard to create a life rich with purpose, fulfillment and connection to people and place.

We Believe:

Nature is Empowering

We believe that all people can rediscover and redefine themselves when given the opportunity to stand and exist in wild nature. Our natural places restore us and inspire us to see our world on a larger scale, as a planet where every place, every creature, and every person deserves to be treated with kindness and dignity. We hope to restore lives and ambitions by opening roads to experiences in our great outdoors.

Employment is Empowering

We believe that everyone should have equal access to employment, but acknowledge that many individuals face greater challenges in obtaining consideration and offers for employment than others experience. Employment offers a path out of socioeconomic inequality and towards a hopeful future with expanding opportunities. We hope to play a part in bridging those gaps.

Community is Empowering

We believe that the opportunity to belong to a vibrant community made up of a diverse collection of our peers united in a common mission and goal enriches us all. When we’re known, seen, and acknowledged by those around us, it provides the potential for personal and professional growth. We believe that the stability that comes from having our fundamental needs met – a roof overhead and a bed to call one’s own, freedom from food insecurity, meaningful relationships with others – these basics can increase the potential to thrive.  

Confidence is Empowering

We believe that every person possesses the potential to achieve great things, and that confidence is the key to unlocking that potential. If an individual believes they can accomplish something, then they will not only do it, but go on to pursue larger goals. We hope that by offering guidance, personal connections, and encouragement, individuals can build confidence and set out on a path towards discovering and achieving ever greater dreams.